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LEAKS AND BURNS – Still overlays

Create dream-like, halcyon imagery with this pack containing 70 image files of ready to use light leaks and film burn overlays.

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Create dream-like imagery with this overlay pack containing 70 images of light leaks and film burns.

Captured optically in-camera using natural movements and real light leaks, this set is perfect to include in any project that needs a dreamy or vintage aesthetic.

Whether for portraits or landscape scenes, use these overlays to add an extra layer of nostalgia filled texture to your photography.

Suitable for any photo editing software that makes use of layers and blending modes, such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.

Ever wondered what it is that gives those instagram images a retro vibe?

Often unnoticed at first glance, light leaks and film burns are extensively used in photography to create ethereal, evocative imagery. From subtle, to in-your-face, light leaks, flares and film burn effects can really add to your compositions.

I made this set of overlays so that I would have a library of effects that I could apply quickly and easily to get the look I need. Now you can grab it too, and give your shots that organic, dream-like glow in just a few clicks.

This is the stills version, you can find a version made of video files for use in film-making HERE.

Creating vintage looks in your work is made simple with this set of overlays, especially when used in conjunction with the DIRT pack!


What you get:

-70 x 4k resolution image files
-1 x usage and reference guide.



File formats : .jpeg, .pdf
Space required: 60 MB


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